Human Mud Obstacle Course

Do you want a team building exercise for your work crew? 
Does your sports team need to raise some money?
 Do you and your friends just want to do something fun? 
Then this is the event for you. 
Challenge other teams or other department or rival businesses. 


Rules and Instructions
  • Pick Your Team of 4. Every team must have 4 members
  • Age Divisions 13-17 and 18+
  • The Obstacle course includes events that will require running through mud, crawling in mud, climbing, moving large objects and balancing. 
  • All participants must complete a liability waiver. Participants that are under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian complete the liability waiver prior to competing. 
  • Team will be given a flag. The clock will start at the whistle. First members of two teams will start the obstacle course; the next member will not be allowed to start the race until they have the flag. If a team finishes the race without their flag they will be disqualified. The winner of each race will move on to race another team.
  • Winner will be determined by the team with the fastest time. Time will end when the last team member of the team crosses the finish with the flag.
  • Teams may race the team of their choice for the first race only. This team may not have already raced another team.
  • Winning teams will be put into brackets to race other winning teams. 
  • The final winning team in the two age divisions will have the money that they paid to enter the competition and 25% of the money collected from their age division donated to the charity of their choice. Mountain Mud will write a check to the charity, team or civic organization named by the team on their registration form. The receiver of the donation must be local. Example fire department, school sports team or organization. A list of local charities that can accept donations will be listed under the obstacle course tab on the website.
  • Contact Jennifer Justice for additional questions 304-436-4242 or email

Human Mud Obstacle Course

Human Mud Obstacle Course

Local Charities-Teams or Organizations that will accept Donations

If you would like your organization added to this list please send an email to 

Send your organization’s name, contact person, contact phone number and an example of what your organization could use the money for.

1st Step to Participating

Human Mud Obstacle Course Form

Complete and submit the below form to be able to participate in the human obstacle course.